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At the end of the sixteenth Century, Persian King Abbas will be high heels to Europe, and quickly set off a Persian style shoes hot. Overnight, high-heeled shoes have become the embodiment of male masculine, strong appearance of the only option. This wave of cheap christian louboutin high heels soon spread to the bottom of the crowd. In order to show their different status, nobles have greatly increased the height of their heels. The real high-heeled shoes so born.


According to records, the French King Louis XIV in order to enhance his position does not match the 154cm height, ordered the shoemaker to his heel raised to 12cm. 17th century Europe, the road condition is very bad, full of rut and muddy, wearing high heels can not walk, nobles like to use some extravagant, but no practical effect and uncomfortable dress to show their status. Louis XIV even in order to demonstrate his power, and his christian louboutin high heels outlet wrapped in red Moroccan goat leather or heel will be painted red, because the red dye is very expensive and rich in military color, so that these heels Unlike the woman’s green velvet leather shoes as there are too many counterfeit goods. He also stipulated that only the court can wear red heels. The contemporary King James II and ministers, are to wear red high heels for fashion. At the time of Europe, want to know whether a person is the king of favor, as long as the bow to see his cheap CL shoes on the line.

With the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, men began to pay more attention to reason and pragmatism, and they no longer wear jewelry. No longer wearing eye-catching color beautiful clothing, and began to pursue simple, simple, more in line with their gender dress. They began wearing a new three-piece, dull colors, a unique style is not advocated. Women, on the other hand, are perceived to be inherently irrational, unsuitable for education and citizenship. It is precisely because of this obvious prejudice, people’s enthusiasm for christian louboutin high heels plummeted in the late eighteenth Century the early nineteenth century, they are in the women’s feet have been hard to find.

By the mid-19th century, the emergence of photography and the rapid spread of people has changed the view on fashion: slim figure is paramount. The christian louboutin outlet online shoes make women have to stand up straight chest chest, this curved foot more seductive and cause the illusion of more slender legs.

The world’s most beautiful shoes-Christian Louboutin shoes


Mr. Christian Louboutin created Christian Louboutin brand in 1992 in France,, admitting not long, absolutely abashed the world.

Mr. Christian Louboutin 1963 was built-in in Paris of a worker’s family, now all the celebrity began in adolescence if a appropriate experience. Once he anesthetized through Paris, Oceanic Art Museum, in foreground saw a cogent icon, a cone-shaped heels that are beyond out two curve of blubbery line, warned visited women “treat” pavilion central the carved board flooring. Looking brace of admirable top heels, 13-year-old attraction of his, as if for the aboriginal time begin the cheap christian louboutin shoes of the aboriginal can be so beautiful.

Then Paris is in a aeon of bread-and-butter recovery, one of stuporous, amusing scene, Christian Louboutin not bear the allurement of fast-paced world, we generally went to Paris was the a lot of acclaimed bistro The Palace play, if he was alone 14 years old. Here christian louboutin outlet shoes he accustomed what is fashionable, but aswell his date performances and dancers growing enthusiasm, and even gave up their studies, absorb in the bistro every day, while accomplishing some chores, while gluttonous to advance the design, and is his breakthrough. “For those dancing girls, shoes are the a lot of important, both to be comfortable, but aswell actual beautiful, sexy, accomplish humans noticed one. I was cerebration is actual simple, is to accomplish these girls are cutting me made, their anxiety added adequate than a brace of admirable shoes. ”

16 years old, Christian Louboutin fabricated the activity of the aboriginal brace of replica christian louboutin shoes, although advertise everywhere, but those dancers did not accept him, afterwards the baffled at every turn, he accomplished that he have to abide able training. Thus, in 1981, at a friend’s referral, his aboriginal as an amateur in the Follies Bergeres, and at that time the celebrated cast Charles Jourdan, area analytical abstraction shoemaking techniques to advance the action of their own deficiencies. + Talent + artistic confidence, Christian Louboutin will anon appear in the industry. But again he has not created its own cast of ideas, but aswell afraid to accompany any group, as a freelance artisan has in Chanel, YSL be absolute shoemaker.

In 1988, christian louboutin said the move was a friend, abutting the Dior’s allegorical aggregation specializing in the assembly of shoes Roger Vivier, afterwards the master’s instructions, his shoe-making abilities and a fly height, and anon a domiciliary name.

The king of women’s shoes——Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin soles are all red, red-soled shoes is her signature logo. Most did not want to start cheap Christian Louboutin red soles shoes wipe, but every design shoes when he is Logo headache. Once, he saw the female assistant to the toes nail polish, red color suddenly stimulated his inspiration, being painted in red on the soles, I did not expect, the effect is surprisingly good, so far, it Erotic Duopo this wiping becomes Christian Louboutin red flag, let him in the limelight. In the interview, he has so described the impulse: “red soles to the shoes painted like the lipstick, people do not consciously want to kiss, coupled with the toes exposed, it is very sexy.”

Woman in red-soled shoes in order not to miss not one of the popular downtown landscape it? However, women enjoy the scenery when, unknowingly became the scenery. The famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin once said: “it is the cheap chirstian louboutin high heels make a woman have a healthy, high-heeled shoes because they slowed down so that the difference between this, like driving at least different from the rider can enjoy the ride along the way. landscape.

Kogan red shoes is a symbol of a woman, a woman is the direct source of superiority. Once heard a woman with emotion: “Women do not wear red soled shoes, it is simply do not know why the matter of fashion.” Yes, women want fashion, you have red-soled shoes. Thus, the red soled shoes of a woman from the faceless woman always a bundle of pile stand, absolutely stand out feeling. This woman in high spirits, high-spirited, people scared Cha her demeanor, even more obsessed with her charm. So, a pair of christian louboutin outlet shoes, highlighting the overall demeanor of a woman, her face, gait, a show of hands every move she makes are all in the hands of the red-soled shoes.

So, the woman began to chase the red-soled shoes. Woman wearing red shoes, step by some song rhyme, so pace with the red shoes ringing, playing a melody new city, people listen to the symphony fashion. This time, the woman wearing cheap christian louboutin high heels, exudes the charm of the temptation, men will look to recover only with the receding footsteps of trance or reverie alone children.

Of course, not all women can wear red soled shoes. Red-soled shoes is a sign of a certain social class, and only among this class, and the place in which a woman wearing red shoes just exudes its own inherent charm.

Louboutin and his red-soled shoes

Christian Louboutin shoes

In today’s luxury goods industry, Louboutin is a rare animal; one by the designer owned and operated, extremely successful, and adhere to a small minority, to create a perfect product. Louboutin satin stilettos and crocodile leather casual shoes shallow mouth by those beautiful socialite and fashionista favorite cheap christian louboutin shoes.

Luxury is not consumerism. The influence of your eyes, so you can distinguish a special quality. Louboutin’s values is that he separated from his peers. “I looked at them for the money to create a luxury brand, I was with them in this industry, but I think there is nothing in common with them,” he explained, “is a kind of luxury goods to make their customer intimacy possible sex, and make them know that you would like. this is about subtlety and detail of things, is a matter relating to the service. I can not accept a customer is treated rude place. I can not imagine you spent thousands of dollars buy things, because to pick up for 15 minutes, the clerk becomes impatient. consumerism is not a luxury. it is influenced by your eyes, so you can distinguish a special quality. ”

Louboutin childhood was imbued with this idea. He was born and raised in a factory east of Paris, the family, his mother take care of him and his four sisters. His father is a carpenter, making fine wooden furniture and French railcar interior model. “Everywhere in the house is a model train interiors,” Bhutto recalls. Bhutto often spend an afternoon at the nearby rock art of Africa and Oceania National Museum. The door has an icon, a fine cone heels pattern is a huge red cross painted out; pointy heels will scratches carved wooden floor. At that time, christian louboutin shoes outlet all the rage. Bhutto curious is that this has a thin and sharp shoes in the end is what? He started in books and on paper outline sketch.

Bhutto secret of success is his ability to balance industrialization and exclusive products. He will produce twenty thousand pairs of elegant, classic cheap christian louboutin high heels, but he also devised what he called the Cinderella shoes as shoes, kind of a very limited number of treasures. “I have a small piece of batik cloth from Mali brought back, I want it on their shoes,” he told me, “I think I can use it to produce 20 pairs of shoes; in two different stores put 10 pairs. Thus, because a female customer can buy one pair never seen anywhere shoes and delighted. ”

In addition to Cinderella shoes, Louboutin to provide a customized service, like haute couture shop, you can change the height or color design, or customize according to their own feet new shoes. “That’s why I allow the company to maintain a human scale (small-scale, in order to facilitate communication with customers) reasons.” He said, “Without the lab, I would have lost the joy of design.”

Another reason for his company’s prosperity is also very simple consistency. “I remember how my father was sawing wood.” He told me, “If you carve along the grain, it is beautiful. If you’re going against the grain, it was broken. The same is true on the business. If you flow, it will naturally grow. but if you try to use a non-natural way to grow your company, it will crash …… I’m not doing this for the money the company. I made shoes, and with this company. ”

Cheap Christian Louboutin red soled high heel shoes

Christian Louboutin red soled shoes originated in the aeon of Louis XIV, the man to put alone the elite heel fabricated red, and red is the a lot of big-ticket fuel, there is aswell a admirable bogie tale, Cheap Christian Louboutin red soled shoes are added expensive, but architecture is not alleged unique, not anybody acclimated to wear, so to say, do not wish to abrasion red shoes can wear.

christian louboutin red soled

Use red as the sole access can be traced aback continued afore more: Louis XIV, alone the elite man to accomplish the red heel. Red dye was expensive, and alone the elite could afford, but afterwards because of the French Revolution red heels and boring achromatize out of people’s sight. Has been kept on dancing afterwards the endure two centuries, the adventure of the acclaimed Danish biographer Hans Christian Andersen conception of “The Red Shoes”, the adventure of the admirable babe who abrasion christian louboutin outlet red shoes magical. Louis XIV in the 17th aeon wore on red shoes.

christian louboutin high heel

In 1936 the archetypal bogie account “The Wizard of Oz,” the absolution added consolidate the admirable Contact “Little Red Shoes” and magic. If affected by the red-soled shoes who create, it absolutely will not be the cheap Christian Louboutin, but the accomplishment is barefaced Christian Louboutin red-soled shoes fabricated on the largest, its access is greatest.

In the aboriginal 1990s, Christian Louboutin red soled shoes invention. Christian Louboutin sale was founded anon afterwards the angel fell in adulation with Morocco Caroline Christian Louboutin red soled shoes, and again set off a Hollywood red shoes frenzy. Afterwards two decades of and attach to harder work, so that “red background” in the apple of appearance as continued as a woman see that the red, we have to apperceive Christian Louboutin, Christian Louboutin which is the added brands can not abide the assembly of “red shoes” reasons.